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Simplify your International Logistics with our Expert IOR & EOR Services in UAE

International trading can be very complicated, but also an essential step for businesses looking to expand their reach and tap into new markets. With IOR & EOR Service Providers, you can navigate the complex web of customs regulations and compliance requirements without the burden of establishing new legal entities in foreign markets.

At Ayata Solutions, we understand complex legal procedures and possess up-to-date knowledge of logistics compliance necessities. As industry experts, we also help you navigate international trade without any hassle so you can focus on your core business operations.

We take pride in providing reliable and cost-effective IOR & EOR Services in UAE that spans across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and beyond. Our tailor-made solutions also include various other benefits ranging from documentation, and approval to final delivery.

What does our IOR & EOR Services in UAE entail?

  • Compliance and Regulatory Expertise: We have deep knowledge and understanding of global import and export regulation and compliance requirements helping businesses navigate complex customs regulations and avoid potential penalties.
  • Documentation Preparation: We assist with the preparation of necessary documentation, including commercial invoices, packing lists, and customs declarations.
  • Customs Clearance: As an IOR/EOR Service Provider, we manage the customs clearance process, ensuring that all goods are cleared through customs on the first attempt, avoiding delays and potential penalties.
  • Tax and Duty management: We help businesses manage tax and duty payments, ensuring that all payments are made on time and in compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Local Representation: As an IOR/EOR Service Provider in UAE, we act as a local representative on behalf of businesses, helping them navigate local regulations, cultural differences, and language barriers.
"Land, sea or air – we can do it all. Hand in hand with our business partners."


Import & Export Services

We facilitate the import/ export of goods to the end-customer across the Middle East, Asia, Africa and beyond. Our tailor-made solutions include various requirements ranging from documentation and approvals to final delivery.

Government/ Ministry Approvals

Our team studies the goods being transported and obtains the necessary approvals. We are well-versed with local and international ministry requirements and processes to ensure a smooth experience for our partners.

Facilitate documentation

We have the capacity to obtain documents from CoC Certification to Saber Certification for shipments across the globe. Additionally, we add value by providing Marine Insurance covers, certificates of origin, legalization, etc.

Warehousing services

Ayata prides itself in its global partnerships and connections that enables us to provide in-country warehousing activities. Alongside this, we are also equipped to handle any local distribution requirements.


Empowering businesses to go from local to global

Act as the importer/exporter on your behalf into the global market.
Obtain Ministry approvals in destination country to ensure smooth clearance process.
Support Customers for warehousing services.
Maintain records of documents as required by the law of the land.
Facilitate preparation of correct and complete documentation required for clearance in destination countries.


Information Technology (IT)
Medical Equipment
Brick and Mortar Retail

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